Advocacy on Hunting Policies also pointed out that not only did environmental groups praise the decision, they also are asking for additional restrictions on the hunting of wild-life altogether. Although the United States may not have much influence on the policies of another country when it comes to hunting, it may start the ball rolling in America by possibly influencing some hunting laws in the United States. Putting the ban on the importing of elephants parts, will hurt the bottom line of revenue dollars for the foreign countries who support it. Thus, why they continue to resist the ban.

Other reporting agencies and publications failed to point out that the ban was the actual transportation of animal trophies, (basically the dead animal or the animal parts itself), as’s article has stated. It is very clear that ensured that the policy connected to this ban was actually mentioned. Therefore this information is not half-truths given to the reader to sway them in one way or the other. images (4)Many of the otherarticles that covered this subject by various agencies, did not mention what the ban was really about. Rather these articles were spun to imply that the lifting of the ban was just for hunting. This article review of’s story is closer to the truth than most.

Even though the ban was solely based on the importation of animals that were hunted and killed into the United States, the American public and environmentalists seem to be concerned that the lift of this ban was basically the same thing as supporting the hunting and brutal killing of wild-life in other countries. It’s very clear that the majority of the American public does not support this primarily elitist past-time of trophy-hunting. Fewer and fewer trophy-hunters are coming forward and out into the open to support the importation let alone the killing of animals themselves. They know that they will not get the support for such a despicable activity. Therefore, these hunting excursions are usually kept on the down-low. Away from the prying eyes of news and social media.